Nechells Safe Haven was a project is funded by the Big Lottery through Reaching Communities.

Delivered Nechells POD, the Safe Haven Project had three key outcomes:

1 – More residents of all ages are engaged in positive activities that improve community cohesion and reduce social isolation.

2 – More adults are engaged in training, volunteering and self-development activities, improving their skills and enabling further learning and employment.

3 – Older people, adults and children, experience improved mental and physical well-being through participation in activities that promote healthier lifestyles.


The project started, in 2015 and finished in May 2018 we organised lots of Family Learning opportunities for Nechells residents. Included Family Fitness, Story Telling and Arts and Crafts sessions to keep families occupied after school both in the holidays and during term time. The project was a great success and helped to expand the range of activities we offered at the POD.


We are starting a new Lottery funded project ” All of Us ” in 2019. Further updates and activities will be posted on a new page as soon as the project starts.